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                 Design Services

    IP Cores

           Simpli5NG provides quality services and next generation products to clients in the following domains:               

     -    Data Acquisition Systems

     -    Processor Design

     -    Signal and Image Processing

     -    High Speed Computing


     -     High Speed ALU

     -     Multimedia

      -    Wired and Wireless Communications

                  -   Bult In Self Test and Repair


         Find Below wide range of IP Cores that are available:
        • High Speed Multipliers for DSP applications
          • Signed/Unsignd Multipliers
          • BCD Multipliers
          • 64 bit low powe Parallel Prefix Adders
          • High Speed Wallace Tree Multipliers
        • Highly Optimized DSP IPs
          • Fully Parallel and Fully Serial FIR Filters
          • Upto Radix-64 High Speed FIR Filters
        • Wide range of crypto cores
          • RSA
          • High Speed AES
          • Low Power AES
          • High Speed SHA1, SHA2
          • Enhanced RC4 for Ultra Power devices
          • High Speed RC6
          • Hybrid Encryption with DSA and RSA
        • Communication IPs
          • UART
          • UART-SPI SoC
          • AMBA and AXI IP Cores
          • AHB Bus
          • Modbus
          • APB Bridge with AMBA 4.0
        • High Speed Processor IPs
          • CIARP 
          • Portable and Flexible Soft Vector Processors
          • Hybrid Cache Architectures in place of SRAMs
          • Non-Blocking Data Cache Soft Processors
        • Built in Selft Test IPs
          • Microcode MBIST and MBIST&R
          • BIST with Cellular Automat
          • SRAM BISR
         Our end to end services include following:

     ASIC design services include:

    ASIC Product Definition

     Architectural definitions and specifications

     Design ground rules generation

     Technology evaluation/Vendor selection

     Logical Partitioning

    ASIC Design

     RTL code generation

    (Verilog, System Verilog, and VHDL)

     High-speed interface design

     Multiple clock domain design

     Logic synthesis

    ASIC Verification

     Testbench generation

     Functional simulation

     Formal verification

     Code coverage analysis

     High-level modeling

     Equivalency checking

     Constrained random testing


  FPGA design services include:

  FPGA Product Definition

     Architectural definitions & specifications

     Design ground rules generation

     Technology evaluation/Vendor selection

     IP block selection

  FPGA Design

     RTL code generation (VHDL,Verilog)

     High-speed interface design

     Multiple clock domain design

     Logic synthesis

     Vendor fuctional macros

     IP block integration

  FPGA Verification

     Testbench generation

     Functional simulation

     Post-Synthesis simulation

     Constrained random verification


  FPGA Compilation and Analysis


     Clock optimization

     Design translation

     Synthesis optimization

     I/O planning and analysis

     Static timing analysis

     Design closure

  FPGA Design Delivery

     RTL design source files

     Simulation test bench

     Suite of verification tests

     Implementation specification

     Verification plan and checklist

     CAD tools, scripts, and log files

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