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        This wing of Simli5NG satisfies the industry needs by procuring the components for military and

commercial aerospace harsh environment applications.

We provide the following components of any manufacturer:

1.       Connectors

a.  DSub Connectors

b.  Circular Connectors (Series 2, Series 3)

c.  1553B connectors

2.       Cables

a.  PTFE Cables

b.  RF cables

c.  Low noise cables

3.       Relays

4.       Accelerometers

           a.  PCB Make

           b.  ENTRAN Make

5.       Power Supplies

a.  Linear

b.  Switch Mode

6.       Diodes, Optodevices, ICs

7.       Military Printed Circuit Boards

8.       And finally the customer's needs


                                                                                Please contacts us for more details

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