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                About Us
              Who are we? A definite question we have to answer.

              Simpli5NG Semiconductor founded by Technocrats (Masters of Tech from world class Universities

   and industry experts from leading semiconductor organizations).

   Simpli5NG provides high-level ASIC, FPGA, and electronic system development solutions to
      - Companies developing very complex designs
      - Government organizations that require analysis or oversight of electronic product design projects
      - Companies that require expert knowledge of semiconductor technologies
   These services help decision makers manage the risks associated with complex ASIC, FPGA, and system designs.


        To work with customers, closely to satisfy their technology needs from strategy consulting to specific

        technology planning, Implementation of various services by providing Integrated Technology Solutions 

        and Competitive edge for business critical solutions, which results into Customer's Delight.

              Core Values
                 + Our motto of Simpli5ing lives
                 + Sound knowledge on Abundant Electronics Sea
                 + Masters in Study and Champions at Work in the area of VLSI
                 + Assured Quality
                 + Cost effective Solutions
                 + Integrity in everything we do
                 + Customer Friendly, not just in words, in action

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